Future Gadgets And Technologies By HP

Posted: March 5, 2008 in Future
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HP (Hewlett-Packard) has showcased future technology of mobile communications at the HP Mobile Innovations Tour in India.The concept design presented and showcased are a vision for the year 2012 which will provide a “always connected” experience to the users.

“True creativity lies in making the complicated simple” said Phil Devlin from HP ,while showcasing the future technologies at the Mobile Innovations event.
upcoming technology
The show unveiled a smart looking digital wallet (above) which will keep track of all your transactions and is like a tablet device which is ultra thin and provides pen device for input other than touch screen.(Click on Read more to expand)

future technology
Another cool design was of a flexible,portable display which will act as a personal reader may be a ebook reader type and is “always on” while connecting to the wireless hub/watch.

wireless technology
Another conceptual design revealed cool gadgets like Personal wireless Gateway with wearable form factor which looks like a watch and is capable of wireless connectivity to act as a wireless hub.

“The current mobile environment is getting increasingly complex as laptops, mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras all continue to add more features, options and wireless technologies. HP’s perspective of the future mobility concepts follows the philosophy that out of integrated complexity will come disintegrated simplicity”, said Phil Devlin, Manager, Product Marketing, Mobile Business Unit, Personal Systems Group,HP.
According to HP the upcoming Ultra Wireless bluetooth technology which is still in development stage is expected to be 5000 times faster than the present bluetooth technology. He said that the Future bluetooth technology will land up in 2008 and will drive the future technology segments.


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