Future of robotics: The Road Ahead

Posted: March 5, 2008 in Future
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In this article, we would be indulging in ascertaining some valuable information about robots, their functionality, past, present and future. There are many things in our minds as to what robots are . In this article we aim at providing a complete, clear and precise answer to that curiosity.

Let us start with robots and then move to robotics. Robots have always created a sense of curiosity and mystery in the minds of humans and this is the primary reason why they have managed to evoke a huge interest even after such a long time and is expected to sustain it in the near future.

The name given to the study of robots is robotics.
Robotics is a complete and comprehensive study about the science and technology involved with robots. It involves designing and manufacturing process of robots and applications to come up with the predefined results. Anyone interested in robotics is required to possess an expert insight into mechanics, software and electronics. Now that we have studied something about robots and robotics, let us now move to the capabilities of a modern day robot.

A modern day robot is capable of being an active participant at military landmine detectors, lawn mowing exercises and home cleaning apart from imparting valuable medical and scientific services. All the functions are controlled by a series of complex operations and these robots are able to deliver high-end performance on a consistent basis without any fail.

Now that we have a base understanding of robots and the type of services offered by them, let us have a look at the past and present followed by their expected role in the near future.

Robots in Past

In the past, Robots were considered to be a costly affair but with continuing advancements in the field of science and technology, the costs involved is minimizing.

Robots in daily life

Robots are everywhere, from medical institutions to surgeries and from packaging of cookies to manufacturing of cars. They are also used in manufacture of mobile phones and pagers as well as in space explorations. Nowadays, all the critical and complex work is done with the help of robots, whether partly or in whole.

Future of robotics

As per the Robotic Industries Association, a whopping 90 percent of organisations with robotic manufacturing applications are yet to come out with the first robot installation. It is believed that material handling, space exploration, medical sector and assembly sector are the likely beneficiaries of robotics in the coming future which sure is quite bright.

Robotics can help to guide the blind people, facilitate easy driving, assist the elderly people. They can be used in cloning and in many other useful tasks which can benefit the mankind. They can perhaps be used to travel in the human body to detect and find solutions to the deadly diseases. They can also help in the creation of “intelligent” vehicles and can also be used to reveal truths of the solar system.

With both the government and non-government organizations showing an avid interest in the development of robotics, the future of robotics is bright and one fine day, all the questions behind robots and robotics will get an answer.

  1. raju says:


    Nice and useful post about future of robotics.

    Have also given a link to it from my related post
    Future of Robotics – Robots Uses, Trends, Applications


  2. Robot Mathew says:

    The use of robots around the home to mow lawns, vacuum floors and manage other chores has surged up as more consumers prefer smart machines to handle their day to day activities without a need to attend to those machines.

    A report, issued by the U.N. Economic Commission for Europe and the International Federation of Robotics at the end of 2003, said that out of total domestic robot sales 570,000 were robot lawnmowers and Sales of vacuum cleaning robots reached 37,000.

  3. raju says:

    Nice and useful post about Future of Robotics – Robots Uses, Trends, Applications?.

    Have also given a link to it from my related post

    Future of Robotics – Robots Uses, Trends, Applications.


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