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Sony PocketBit USB Drive

After releasing its 16GB Memory Stick PRO Duo media, Sony has now introduced its new PocketBit USMGLX USB drive with capacities between 1GB up to 16GB. This PocketBit USMGLX USB drive ofers a reading speed of 31Mbps and a new case with a LED light, give you a neat and elegant feel. It is compatible with Mac and PC, and ReadyBoost for Vista user.

The PocketBit USMGLX USB drive is now availabe in Japan at around €212 for 16GB.


These new Intelligent Stick USB flash drives will boom for those careless people who would spill water, coffee, etc. on their electronics or get them exposed to rain. I can’t think of a time when I’ve got a gadget too dusty to use, but these tiny flash drives can even cope with that. Manufactured with a special COB process, they’re available in 2GB and 4GB in a number of colors, and are due to be unveiled at CeBIT this week.